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Moodle Opencart ecommerce Integration | Buy Moodle Courses using Opencart | Opencart developers

Buy moodle courses using opencart. Automatic moodle user account creation and automatic moodle course enrolments.

Opencart and Moodle integration.

Moodle Webservice for automatic user creation and course enrolment.

User creates an account in opencart and buys one or more moodle courses in opencart. Each moodle course is configured as a different product in opencart. Each opencart product has an unique SKU or MODEL-NUMBER and it contains the actual moodle course id.

When the user buys an opencart product and checks out in opencart checkout, On checkout success, a new moodle user account is automatically created if needed and then the particular user is automatically enrolled into the moodle course.

In Moodle webservices, External services, A new custom service was added. Appropriate functions were added this new service. Then under moodle manage webservice tokens, a new token was generated for the user and this service.

Moodle webservice is configured. Moodle webserice api functions core_user_create_users and enrol_manual_enrol_users are used. Php curl is also used.

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