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  • Certified Aws Developers
  • Certified Aws Developers
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  • AWS:Customization
  • BigData:Hadoop

Project Info

Certified AWS developers | AWS lambda layers programmers

Custom AWS developers.

We can customize AWS VPC setup. We can create AWS VPC peering networks.

Can create VPN connection for securely connecting on premise network to aws VPC

Can setup VPC for redshift cluster

Can setup auto scaling aws ec2 instances

Can use Ansible

Can setup elastic load balancer and can load/stress test it too

Can manage and install and customize docker images on AWS

Can use aws glue to connect and transform existing huge amount of data

Can output redshift cluster data to aws S3

Can use aws Athena to query large data in S3 using sql

Use aws glue to ETL data from redshift to S3 or redshift to postresql

Can convert redshift sql schema to other database formats

Can work with big data using aws

Can use AWS kinesis to observe and analyze data

Can convert existing scripts to aws lambda

Can create AWS lambda layers scripts to import huge amounts of data

Can create aws lambda layers scripts for getting data to or from redshift cluster to postgresql

Can setup wordpress multiuser site with ssl and autoscaling in aws

Can move your existing on premise data and replicate your existing infrastructure in aws

Can custom design your required cloud architecture

Can create aws cloudformation templates

Can automate tasks using AWS CLI and boto scripts

Can move your scripts from digitalocean to amazon aws

Can move your scripts from linode to amazon aws

Can setup static websites using amazon aws s3

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