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This project was completed by our laravel programmers.

Features of this laravel advanced search script

The laravel framework was installed in the ubuntu server. Laravel framework was downloaded from git and the remaining was done using composer. An already existing mysql database was integrated with laravel. A controller was created and laravel routes were configured.

Laravel Customization of OctoberCMS.
Custom Flarum programmers.
Vudeo laravel developers.
Lavalite laravel developers.

Laravel advanced search form

Laravel search form programmers

Laravel search results screen

Laravel search results screen

More features of this laravel project

Since the mysql database and tables were already present, custom table names and primary key were configured in the respective models. Blade templating system was used. Laravel form elements were used. Pagination (paginator) was used to display the results. A complicated join query was built using the laravel query builder. A groupby clause also was used.

Laravel CSV export

A complex query is built using the laravel query builder. The results are shown paginated and also the entire result can be downloaded and exported to a CSV file. We can export using TAB delimited file too.

Laravel download results

Laravel csv export php script

Laravel complicated sql query building, complex laravel sql, laravel mysql left join, inner join, laravel groupby pagination orderby

Complicated Laravel sql join query
Our laravel developers completed the above project.

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