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Opencart developer | Php Opencart cxml punchout integration with sciquest and xebra

This opencart module allows two way cxml integration between opencart and sciquest.

Sciquest authentication.

Enables the SciQuest system to authenticate using an OpenCart user login and redirect portal customers to the webstore, where they will generate a shopping cart.

Opencart checkout cxml integration

At opencart checkout, this script will send the cXML order to the SciQuest portal system using integration with the OpenCart checkout system.

Sciquest authentication

The SciQuest portal will authenticate with OpenCart store login using a cXML POSR Punch Out Setup Request

Opencart Checkout

When the opencart user checks out, the script creates a cXML POOM Punch Out Order Message version of the shopping cart order and sends it to SciQuest.

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