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Javascript Online Image Editor | latest HTML5 image editor | opensource image editor

latest HTML5 image editor
This project uses fabricjs, html5, css3. jquery, javascripts.

Features of this Online Image Editor (HTML5)

  1. This html5 online editor can scale the image or repeat the image as a grid.
  2. This javascript online image editor can rotate the image either clockwise or anticlockwise.
  3. The image can be horizontally flipped or vertically flipped using the image editor. The image can be mirrored.
  4. The colour tone of the image can be changed using the online javascript html5 image editor as sepia, black and white etc.
  5. The fabricjs editor can be used to crop an image as per the desired sizes.
  6. Recently edited and viewed images are displayed at the bottom for easy access and editing.
  7. The edited changes are then passed on to the server using http post json and the server side npm nodejs fabricjs takes care of editing the actual image which is of much more higher resolution than that of the client side editable image.
  8. Complex changes and functions were done by our fabricjs javascript html5 programmers.

Integrate this opensource javascript image editor with your ecommerce script.
Integration of image editor with your product description.
Integration of image editor with laravel and python flask framework.

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