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  • Online Image Dpi Quality
  • Online Image Dpi Quality
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  • AWS:Customization
  • BigData:Hadoop

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PHP Find uploaded image dpi quality | HTML5 css big file split php streams progress element upload bar | PHP Javascript Image quality meter

Big file split php uploader
This project contains php steams file split uploading script and image quality meter.

Features of this Online File Split uploader Script.

  1. This uses php streams and splits a large file and uploads in parts. PHP file split uploader.
  2. This php script also contains the latest HTML5 CSS3 progress html element and it shows a smooth progress of the big file upload.
  3. The progress percentage is also shown above the progress bar.
  4. Using php imagemagick the uploaded image quality is measured. The uploaded Image DPI is calculated.
  5. This javascript linear line gauge measures the image quality and displays it in a gauge format.
  6. Complex changes and functions were done by our javascript html5 php programmers.

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