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Php pet group listing script

Features of Php pet group listing script

This is a complicated ad management Application for advertising pet dogs. Pet breeders will find this breeders group script very easy to use.

Site Administrator or the Master admin is authorized to add or modify members and the ads information.


  1. User Friendly, navigable admin panel for maintaining the site.
  2. Admin can upload and edit the banners and the text that are displayed at the top, left and right portion of every page. So each and every page of the site can have different look and feel.
  3. The banners can be linked to a url. The number of times the banners are clicked i.e the normal clicks and unique clicks are monitored in the admin panel. If a banner is clicked for the first time during a session it is considered as normal click. If it is clicked more than once, the clicks other than the first one are considered as unique clicks.
  4. Manage Breeds:Can add,edit and delete any number of breeds.
  5. Manage Products and Services: Can add, edit and delete products, sub products, services and sub services.
  6. Admin has the ability to set the email subjects and messages sent to the customers.
  7. Manage Users:Can edit, delete, activate or deactivate the users. Deletion, activation and deactivation can be done in groups by just selecting a set of users.
  8. Manage Countries:Can add, edit and delete countries and states under each country.
  9. Manage zipcodes:Ability to add, edit and delete the zipcode, the latitude and the longitude linked with the zipcodes which would be useful in searching.
  10. Manage Newsletters:Can add newsletters and send the newsletters to all the members at the same time.
  11. Ability to send bulk messages to the members.

  1. Members are of 3 types: basic, premium and group members. Members can register themselves in the site by paying some premium amount which is set by the site administrator. They can pay online through paypal or or through check.
  2. Members can add, edit and delete litters and add pet dogs under the litters or can add individual dogs also. A clear graphical representation of the litters and the dogs under litters is also done.
  3. Members can also place an ad for the dog by paying the ad charges. They can pay using any of the payment gateways mentioned above. Their ad would be active once they pay the ad charge successfully.
  4. He can manage his current advertisements. He can renew the ad if it expires. This included some renewal charges which is set by the admin.
  5. A Personal Message Board is available through which the members of the site can communicate with each other. A nice graphical representation of the inbox showing the messages that are read, replied etc is also done. They can also manage their sent box,address book, newsletter and bookmarks. If a member wants an ad as a reference for future,he can add that particular ad as a bookmark.
  6. Members can add feedback to others members and can view their feedbacks also.
  7. Members can renew themselves. Several membership levels are available which would be added by the admin and each level has it's own charges. Each membership levels have it's own limitations.
  8. A statistical report showing
    1. Number of litters and dogs.
    2. Number of Active and expiring ads.
    3. Number of Unread Messages.
    4. Number of Recent Feedbacks. etc is available in the user panel.
  9. A detailed and advanced search for dogs, litters.
  10. Search for ads based on breeds and breed types are possible. In this page,the first letter of the breeds which have ads under them are hyperlinked. Others are just shown as ordinary litters.
  11. Can browse and search for services and products.
  12. VBulletin Forum is integrated with this site.
  13. A advanced pedigree chart is dynamically generated by the php script.

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