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Php hosting listings script

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This project allows different hosting providers to give details about their plans. Any user can choose a host according to his/her requirements.

Features :-
  1. Anyone can signup as host .If he wants to become a paid host then he can do so too.
  2. Hosts can create upto five plans.these plans will have different fee,web space,data transfer and services.
  3. Hosts can get code for searchbox present in this website and have a similar search box in his website.
  4. Users can search for any plan using simple search or advanced search. In advanced search he can restrict his search towards a particular criteria. In the search result a link is provided for the hosts website.
  5. Users can express his reviews about a host and rate a particular host.
  6. Users can also post reviews about any website and rate them based on their speed,reliability,support and price on a scale of 1 to 10 . Users can also read all the reviews posted by others.
  7. Users can test the hosting speed , uptime , whois record by specifying the url.
  8. They can also lookup whois and trace their route by specifying the url.
  9. Admin will be posting news periodically and these news will be added to the newslist of this website.the latest news will be seen in the index page.All driven by an efficient php news script
  10. Admin can add weightage for each host.The search result is based on this weightage.
  11. Admin can delete a review.
Php , Mysql , Perl background scripts , whois , tracert,trace route scripts and shell commands were used to accomplish this project for the client in USA.

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