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Php script for Software listings | Php script for software ratings and reviews

This php software listings script can be used for hosting and running a software listings. Users can upload their software and also check downloaded statistics report etc.

Features of Php software listings script

This Php software listings script is for uploading and downloading software and for maintaining software download statistics etc, where users can register using this script, to upload and download software.
In this php software reviews script , all available software categories can be seen listed.
By clicking on Software categories, all products and software available in that particular category are shown.
Product field details includes Product Name, Price, Software version, Licensing type, Language, Software compatibility, Platform compatibility and product image.
The Product detailed description is shown when a Product image is clicked. Detailed description includes Product description, Extra notes, Developer name, Number of votes and product images etc.
Product Screen shot and Preview images are also shown in a pop up window by clicking on the product image.

More features of Php script for running a software listings

Following are the various types of software types/software categories available in this system.
  1. Freeware
  2. Shareware
  3. Open source
  4. Purchase
  5. Try/buy
  6. Commercial
Users can download freeware, Sharewaresand Open source software types without payment.
To download other types an user has to pay money through paypal. Paypal integration is done.
User registration includes Login details, Personal details, Company details like Company name, URL, User image.

Search and download Features of this software listings script

We have created this php mysql project such a way that any user can search software through this system by entering the Search terms.
In advanced search, Search can been done by entering Search term, Developer name, Product ID, Platform, Product Category, Software compatibility , Certified and Licensing type(above mentioned software types).
All search results are listed and users can download any product.
In addition to this, the script can list "Top 5 Most Downloaded", "Top 5 Highest Rated" and "Newest Software" at right panel. User can choose products from that list.
Registered users have the ability to upload software by entering product details.
Users can also download software by clicking 'Download Now' link which is available in product details page. While downloading software, an email is sent to users with a link.
By clicking that link users can download software.

Reward Points feature of this software download management script

For each download, users will get '1 reward point' and "2% of Product price" as "Reward Dollars".
Developer will receive "10% of Product price as Commission".
By downloading many products, users can gain reward points and reward dollars.
Users can also buy products using the gained reward dollars.
If an user has reward dollars more than the product price, the user can use "Buy using Rewards" option to download Software.

Software Ratings and Reviews feature of this php script

This script contains a Rating system.
In product details page, users can view "Average Rating" system with 5 stars.
So that a logged in user can rate any software by clicking the stars.
UserS can view "Name, Reward Points, Reward dollars" and "Profile" links at their top panels.
Also admin can recommend software to users through admin panel.
Those recommended software are shown listed at top panel

Administrator functions for this php Software listings and Software rating script

Administrator has the ability to manage users, categories and products.
Admin has the ability to update/delete products by searching.
Admin can review uploaded software and set Product status as "Received", "Being Reviewed","Certified" and "Published".
Only "Certified and Published" software products are shown in the front end.
Download Statistics, Top rated Software, Newest Software, Commission Statistics, Commission Payout Statistics and Reward Statistics" are shown in the administrator panel.
Admin can pay money to developers through paypal.
Admin has the ability to set Pay out Commissions to developers and update Order Status.

Customization of existing Software download upload and software listings and rating scripts

Our php programmers can customize any kind of existing Software download upload and software listings and rating scripts scripts. Please contact us if you need any existing scripts customized.

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