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Php timeshare vacation rental script | Php real estate script programmers

Using this Php timeshare vacation rental script, time share property owners can register their vacation homes and once they are registered, users can browse or do an advanced search or a simple search to find their required timeshares for rent.

Features of Php timeshare vacation rental script

This php mysql project involved creating a multi functional fully featured vacation rental portal system. Basically timeshare owners can register their properties in this website and allow users to search their properties and find them and rent them. There are three kinds of users.
Timeshare property owners
Timeshare Users

Vacation Timeshare owner functions

All registered timeshare owners have the following functions:
Add their vacation rental property into the website and instantly the property will be visible in the search engine.
Advertise their timeshare vacation villas for rent.
Rate other villas on a variety of points.
Search 'Wanted Ads' for prospective people looking to rent villas or timeshares.

Timeshare website user functions

All registered timeshare website users have the following functions:
Search for timeshare properties that fit their criteria.
An advanced search interface which consists of searching for a property by location, availability, amenties available in the rental property etc
The users can also drill down by browsing by location starting from the country then to the states then to cities etc.

Administrator functions

The super admin has all the features as above plus complete user management features like searching for an user, editing an user, banning a user etc.
Also the admin interface consists of an ad management system which can place ads in different places on the website.
Credit card processing was done using payment gateway.

Customization of existing timeshare and vacation rental scripts

We can customize any kind of existing timeshare scripts. Please contact us if you need any existing vacation rental scripts customized.

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