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Php ebay api integration | Ebay api integration developers

This php script integrates with the ebay api. The api calls mentioned in the ebay developers program were used.

Php Automatic ebay integration.

This php cron script automatically queries the ebay api using the getitem api call.
The getitem call and getsingleitem api call are part of the ebay shopping API.

Php Automatic ebay item deletion.

If a valid ebay item is found, based on the ebay itemid, the endfixedpriceitem api call is used.
Endfixedpriceitem is passed the ebay itemid to be ended and the item is ended. This call is part of ebay trading API.

Php ebay XML parser

An xml parser was created to interact with the ebay api.

Contact us if you need to integrate with the ebay shopping api or ebay trading api.

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