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Paypal preapproved payments api integration | Paypal chained payments api integration

This php script integrates with paypal api.

Paypal adaptive preapproval api integration.

Paypal developers account was created. Paypal sandbox accounts were created for testing purposes.
Paypal preapproval api was integrated using php scripts.
Paypal adaptive preapproval payments were done by passing the required variables to paypal payment gateway.
If the paypal preapproval api request was successful, a preapproval key was returned.

Php Paypal adaptive chained payment gateway api integration.

Paypal primary receivers and secondary receivers were configured.
Once an end user sends payment using paypal chained payment, the primary receiver receives the full amount and inturn subsequently sends the part amount to secondary receiver(s).
Paypal api signature, api username, paypal api password needs to be sent.

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