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Joomla netshine payment nbill integration | Joomla payment gateway integration programmers

Joomla Nbill wordpay integration component was used to integrate the worldpay credit card processing gateway with Nbill joomla and using the instant payment callback script.

Features of Joomla Nbill wordpay integration component

Joomla is a powerful Content Management System that is used to build websites and online applications. In this joomla project, we have customized the Nbill(Netshine Billing) component for joomla Content management system.
In Nbill joomla component there is no shopping cart, products can be ordered online by means of order forms.
In nBill component, we have created a new payment gateway api for 'Worldpay'.
So while creating order forms, administrator can choose any of the available payment gateway optionally.

Joomla IPN callback

In this system, a new client is subscribed using nBill registration process.
Subscribed users can place orders by selecting Order forms.
Once an order is placed, the system will be redirected to the corresponding payment gateway which is assigned by administrator and payment transaction will be done.
Once payment is completed, the system will return back to our joomla site.
The Joomla "Instant Payment Notification" or "Callback" script will run internally after payment processing is done.
Worldpay IPN or Callback script updates the order status and sends an e-mail to the user and to the administrator regarding the completed payment transaction.

Joomla community builder changes

As an additional work in this project, Joomla Community builder is used to handle member profiles.
Whenever a user registers in this system, user details will be stored in an user mysql table, client table and community builder table.
But only the User ID is stored in Community builder table.
So to store all user details in community builder table, We have created a joomla community bridge script which is triggered whenever a client is created.
This script updates all user informations in community builder table.

We can integrate any kind of payment gateway with joomla

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