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Custom Joomla archive component | Custom joomla component developers

This is the joomla archive component. Using this component users can archive joomla content as and when they need it. The archive can be downloaded as a pdf or doc file.

Features of joomla archive component.

This php project consisted of creating a custom joomla component and joomla module as per the following specifications.
Admin can specify which categories this component will be usable by registered users.
Admin can also specify which users have the permission to access this joomla component.
These can be specified in the settings of this joomla component.

Features of this Joomla custom module.

Both the component and the joomla module have to be installed for this to work.
Once installed registered and allowed users can go the joomla category and they will see checkboxes besides the content present in that category.
The users can click on their choices in the checkboxes and they have two options for creating the archive either using word document .doc format or pdf format.
Both the pdf as well as the word document are created on the fly using php and joomla.
The created php and doc archive can be saved later for download or can be downloaded instantly.

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