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Php Employee leave records maintenance script | Php employee management application

This Php Employee leave records maintenance script can be used for maintaining all the leave records of employees in a company. Multiple companies or company branches can register and login and use this leave management software. The features of this leave management software are mentioned below:-

Features of Php Employee leave records maintenance script

This php mysql project involved us creating a web based hr module which allows for multiple companies to login and manage their leave records. Multiple unlimited employees per company can be managed using this script. The administrator can define whicch company can have how many employees and other settings on a company wise basis.

Employee functions

Once an employee logs in he/she can see the following functions in his/her panel.
Login using company id, employee id and password combination only.
Function available to change their password.
Lost password functionality.
View Leave records. Function available to view leave details like previous leave taken and balance leave available etc.
Function available to apply for leave. Form to Submit leave application
Employee receives a email notification whether leave is approved or not.

Company Admin functions

A company administrator i.e the client can login to his admin panel and he can see the following admin functions namely
Specify company public holidays for a calendar year. Mark holidays in a calendar using an online form.
Add/edit/delete Employee Records. Manage employee records.
Assign employees to groups and assign a supervisor for approving employees leave applications etc.

Employee Supervisor Functions

Supervisor panel has the following admin functions
Receive notification of an employee's leave application under his group. Whenever an employee submits his/her online leave application, the corresponding supervisor will receive a notification of this leave application by the employee.
Approve or Disapprove employee leave application

Administrator Functions

A super admin can perform all the following functions from his/her php mysql admin control panel
Administrator can perform all the functions of the above company admins. All functions available to the company administrator are available to the main super admin too.
Admin can restrict company id's and company access.
Admin can specify and edit Public Holidays.
Import/Export employee records. Admin can import and export the data in excel or CSV format.

Customization of existing ehrms scripts

We can customize any kind of existing human resource management scripts or employee records maintenance scripts. Please contact us if you need any existing ehrms customized.

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