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Customize aceProject | Classic asp customization developers and programmers

We customized the aceProject project management and collaboration software. New features were added. New administrator features and user features were added. The list of customizations are detailed below.

Administrator Feature customization of aceProject

AceProject is a project management system done using Asp and MS Access as database. We used (windows application) to build the Active x component for multiple file upload feature.
In the admin panel administrator can add the clients and assignments for the clients. The admin can manage all the client details and the assignment details.
Administrator can also set the account info, time types, project types, project priorities, project statuses etc. Administrator tools section contains the options for exporting project data, delete a project and to delete user items.

User features customization of aceProject

Users can log in and manage their assignments, tasks etc.
For every task user has the feature to upload files(*.jpeg, (jpg) *.gif, *.bmp, *.pdf) both single file upload and multiple file upload.
The multiple file upload feature is done using C#.Net. An active x component will be loaded and it provides the option to browse the entire folders of the system and upload many files at a time.
All the files uploaded by the user for a particular task will be added to that task count and the files are displayed in the thumbnail format and clicking on the thumbnails will open the files in the new browser window.

Other features added to aceProject

Internal email system is done in this project. Administrator and users can send emails across the system. As the user logs into the system a message alert pop up window is displayed to the user if any new mails are received. User can also check the mails in the Message Center inbox. Also user can attach the uploaded pdf or image files along with the mail.
There is also an option provided for generating pdf files for Invoice, Inspection Summary Report and Memo Forms. Just a one click from the web page will generate the pdf reports of that form and will uploaded to the users account. All the pages where a list of records are displayed contains search feature by certain criteria and date search is also provided.
Print option is also available in some of the pages. Exporting data from one db to another and then displaying the exported data in the site is also done. The project was accomplished using classic asp and .net c# for the internet explorer browser activex component.

Customization of classic asp scripts

We can customize any kind of classic asp scripts like aceProject. Please do contact us if you need a classic asp script customized.

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