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Php Amazon Product Advertising API project | Php Amazon api xml developers

We integrated the amazon product advertising api using php. This amazon api was formerly called Amazon ecs api and later as Amazon Associates Web Service (A2S). This is a simple php mysql ecommerce store. Here products of different categories in amazon website can be searched. The products details can be viewed they can be added to the shopping cart. Then they can be purchased using credit card from the amazon web site. All of this is possible using amazon api for product advertising.

Features of Php amazon products advertising api project.

The major functionalities involved in this project are as follows
Search for products in amazon
View Product Details
Create a shopping cart
Add products into the cart
Delete any products from the cart
View the items in the cart
Checkout the cart via credit card payment.
For each of the functionalities mentioned above there is a separate API call to the amazon web service. The API requires an ACCESS KEY ID . A unique ACCESS KEY ID will be provided upon registering for the Amazon Web Services Account.

Searching for products using amazon api

This php mysql API requires a product category name, a search keyword and the unique ACCESS KEY ID.
This API will return an XML response string with the list of products matching the search keyword and the products keyword. Each Item is uniquely identified by an OfferListingID.
If the number of results are very large then we have to set the API to return N results per page and we can navigate to next set of results with the same API providing the page current page number.
This API will return details like product name, manufacturer, author, publisher, product image and other products relevant information.

Product details amazon api.

This amazon API required the unique PRODUCT ID. This will return a XML string will all the details about the product. The API is used with our php mysql scripts.

Create Shopping Cart:

To create a shopping cart a product should be added initially. It required the ACCESS ID, unique OfferListingID. This will create a shopping cart and will return a CART ID and the HASH value. This CART ID and the HASH value have to used to refer the cart in all the conditions.

Add and Delete Products From Cart:

To add or delete a product it requires the products OfferListingID. This amazon API adds or deletes that products and returns a XML string that have the details of the remaining items in the shopping cart.

Shopping cart and checkout using amazon API

View the items in the cart:

This amazon API requires the CART ID and HASH value. This will return the the details of the items in the shopping cart. The details will include the items listing id,quantity, price and over all total of the items in the cart. It will also return a PURCHASE URL which will refer to the items in the cart.

Checkout the cart via credit card payment:

The purchase URL got in previous API is used to checkout the items in the cart. This will take to the amazon website where credit card payment will be made. With these API our web developer team developed a simple cart where customers can search for any products add them to the shopping cart and purchase via credit cards.
The Search will land in the products listing page. The images from the listing can be dragged and dropped into the cart. The drag drop process will be smooth enough that it will appear similar to dropping a item in the basket virtually. The drag drop feature was done using AJAX.

Integration of any kind of API using php

Contact us if you need any php API integrated. We can integrate most of the payment API, ecommerce API, drop shipping API, courier API etc.

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