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Php Job Marketplace script

Features Php Job Marketplace script

This jobs website project project has three interfaces
  1. Admin Interface
  2. JobSeeker Interface
  3. Employer Interface

Admin Features:

Super admin can add/edit/delete the admins. He/She can control the access areas of other admins. The Super admin has all the site control. The other admins can only access the areas they are authorized to do.
The admin can view the details of the employers and the job seekers. He/She can edit/delete the details and also download the list of job seekers and the employers. The admin has the option to send mail to the employers and the job seekers from his/her control panel.

The admin has the option to maintain the following fields
  1. Job Category Maintenance
  2. Event Maintenance
  3. Education Maintenance
  4. Experience Maintenance
  5. Salary Maintenance
  6. Desired Travel Maintenance
The admin can view the details of the newsletter subscribers and has the option to send mail to the subscribers. The admin can configure the mail messages that are sent to the job seekers and employers at the time of registration and posting jobs etc.

He/She can also edit the email contents that are sent to the friend to tell about this site, email contents for feedback and the email contents for the contact form. The admin can configure the invoice mail sent to the employers at the time of purchasing the products.

The admin can also set the questions and answers that are displayed in the employers FAQ area and job seekers FAQ area. The admin has the option to set the priority for the categories and the questions.

Job seeker Features

Search for Jobs :

The job seekers can search for the jobs based on the keywords,job categories, job type, compensation,experience, education and job posted date. They can also view the most recent jobs in their panel.

Apply for Jobs:

If the job seeker find an open job that interests him/her, then he/she can apply to that job by just giving details and click on the 'Apply Job' button. And his/her resume information will be sent to the employer. The job seekers can also view the jobs that are already applied.

Post Resume:

Only registered job seeker can post his/her resumes. The job seeker can post document resumes, text resume or he/she can use resume builder to post the resume. In the Resume Builder, the job seeker has the option to enter his/her details like current employer informations, experience details, graduation details etc. The job seeker has the option to set the primary resume. Only the primary resume will be sent to the employer.

Tell a job seeker:

The job seekers can send mail to their friends. They can sent mail to more than one friend at a time.


The job seekers can view the FAQ question and answers set by the admin

Employer Features

Purchase Products :

The employers has to option to purchase the products like Resume Search, Job Posting, Featured Employer, Unlimited Jobs and Resumes. If the employer selects 'Unlimited Jobs and Resumes', then he/she can do any number of job posts and resume search. If the employer purchases any subscription of featured employer, then his/her logo will be displayed under the featured employer list, till his/her subscription ends. And the employer can post jobs and search resume according to their subscriptions.

Resume Search:

Employers can search the resume based on the keywords, job categories, employee type, education level, experience level, compensation range and other criteria. They also have the option to view all the resumes.

Post Jobs:

The employers can post their jobs by specifying their company informations and job informations. They also have the option to redirect the job seeker to the company website or to process through the website. The employers can also select the options to receive notification mail when the job seeker applied for the job, and to receive the updates and events. The employers also have the options to keep their company information as confidential. If they select the above option, then their company information won't be displayed along with their job details.

Tell an employer:

The employers can send mail to their friends. At a time they can send mail to three friends.


The employers can view the FAQ question and answers set by the admin. The questions will be displayed in the priority order set by the admin.

General Features

News and Events:

This section helps the users to plan their next career move. The latest tips and tools will be displayed here. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and have articles emailed to you.

Feedback :

The users can send feedback about the website to the admin.


If the user has any other questions that are not answered in the FAQ area, then they can contact the admin and send their queries using the contact form.

Newsletter Subscription :

The users can subscribe for the newsletter. The newsletter article will be mailed to all the subscribers.

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