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GDPR programmers | GDPR compliant developers | GDPR website changes

Our GDPR programmers can make your online website General Data Protection Regulation compliant.

We can do changes in programming to your online business so that your website completely follows GDPR guidelines.

Our GDPR developers can implement data protection to your website by default. i.e Users will have to opt for anything and everything. Their privacy controls will be set to the strictest mode when they sign up.

Users data will undergo a process of Pseudonymization. The data will be encrypted and the data cannot be traced back or related to a particular user without a decrypting key. This process of Pseudonymisation is mandated by the general data protection regulation.

All user data will have an audit trail and how and when an user's data was accessed and distributed. When an user requests this data it should be readily available to the user including the categories of data which were stored and also the actual data. Custom programming can be done to create this GDPR compliant audit trail.

The user data will be exportable in a common format which supports portability amongst data providers.

Our GDPR developers can program your website in such a way that if an user requests complete erasure of their data, the user's data will be completely erased from your databases.

Complete records will be maintained for supervision by the higher authorities.

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