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Python django developer team | Python django customer vendor invoices management script

This script was developed by our python developer team. This python django script can be used to manage vendor invoices on behalf of their customers by banks or financial institutions.
This invoice application can also be used by banks to directly pay vendors based on customer's loan account or overdraft account.

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Features of this django python invoices management script

The bank or financial institution can add/edit/delete customers.
New customer details such a customer name, customer address, customer bank account number, customer loan details, etc are added by the bank admin.
Each customer will be assigned an username and password.
Customers can manage their account details as well as their vendor information.
Customers can set the payment date for all of their vendor invoices and the bank or financial institution will pay those invoices on that particular date.

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More features of this django python invoices management script

Each bank customer can login to their vendor management panel.
A bank customer can add/edit/delete vendors.
Vendor details like vendor name, vendor address, vendor bank details etc are added while adding a new vendor record.
When clicking on a vendor all invoices of a particular vendor are shown.
Paid and Unpaid invoices are shown and can be searched based on various criteria.

Vendor functions and features

Each vendor can login to their vendor control panel.
A vendor can raise invoices. Python Developer team.
A vendor can send reminder for payments to their invoices.
A vendor can enter single invoice at a time or can upload many invoices from their control panel.

Bank admin vendor invoice features.

The bank admin panel will list all invoices to be paid.
The bank can pay an invoice and that particular amount will be deducted from the customer's account.
Python django programmer team. The payment process can be linked to the bank's payment gateway API so that automation can be achieved.

Demo of this python django invoice script

Do contact us if you need to see a demo of this invoice script or if you need us to create a similar new django python application.

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