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Moodle enrollment plugin developers | Moodle enrolment using paypal

This was a modification done to the moodle course enrolment part using paypal module. We modified the payment form so that some more additional information could be sent to paypal and also gets saved in the moodle mysql database.

Features of moodle paypal enrolment plugin

When a student enrols for a course they would have to make a payment using paypal payment gateway, using this moodle paypal module.
We modified the payment form so that before the payment, students will provide the additional details such as Country, Church Name, Code and Minister's Name etc
This information will be sent to the paypal site and will be returned along with the payment response.
While the payment response is processed the four extra information provided by the student will be saved in the moodle database.

Customization of the existing Moodle enrollment process

We can integrate the moodle enrolment process with any kind of payment gateway. We can even integrate a shopping cart like opencart or magento with moodle, so that the user can enrol into a course after making a payment for a particular course in magento or opencart.

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