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Moodle certificate plugin developers | Moodle certificate pdf customizations

Features of Moodle certificate pdf customizations Script

Complex moodle advanced custom modifications were done to the opensource moodle script.

Description :
Whenever a student wishes to take up a course or examination he/she has to sign up with the website. Once that is over they can select a course they wish and the tutor they wish to have. Once the course is completed they have to take up the online examination. If the student has passed the examination they would be issued the course completion certificate.

The following changes are done to the default moodle installation to enhance the website.
  1. The sign-up form for the students collects fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email and State Licensed. The following are the other user fields the user can add to, update, edit or change at any time after login:
    1. Address
    2. City
    3. State
    4. Zip
    5. Phone
    6. Fax
    7. License
    8. Date of License Renewal
    State Licensed is not user editable. The moodle user will have to email the administrator for update it.
  2. Course number, Credits and Proctor Information (PDF File) for each course on the student's profile will be automatically filled based on the State License that the student selects on the login screen since that will change for every state. When a student logins in, the appropriate information will be displayed based on whatever state they are licensed in.
  3. A Certificate option is included to allow purchase or to print certificate, if the exam score is 70% or above.
  4. A student will be automatically dis-enrolled once they have paid for their certificate. If they try to re-enroll in the course, they won't be allowed to do so until the date of their renewal of license. The date displayed on the student's profile will be one day after the license renewal date in the user profile.
  5. A Pop-up window is added to the user profile to View or to Update Billing information at anytime. This updated information will be reviewed or updated on every transaction, to purchase a certificate. After updating, the student will be immediately transferred to the billing/payment page with information from the billing table, pre-filled.
  6. An auto email will be sent to students after they get their examination grade and have successfully passed the exam. All exams passed , but the certificates are not yet purchased, will be listed on the student's profile screen.
  7. A student's notify ability is included that sends an email directly to the student once the corresponding week matches the month and year of the date of license renewal.
  8. Copy or print ability on all exam screens are disabled. Navigation to any other screens, active/accessible, is not allowed while exam is in progress and if student tries to go to other screens a warning will be given that exam will be sent for grading if the student navigates away from active exam window.

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