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Moodle developers | Moodle customization which allows Assigning Moodle client licenses.

This moodle project allows the moodle administrator to identify account managers and assign blocks of randomly generated user licenses for different client organizations.

List of Moodle customization which was done to allow assigning Moodle client licenses.

Moodle Users will be required to enter a valid user license when registering on the site.
An incorrect license code will result in the failure of the user registration process so that course materials on the site cannot be accessed.
The license will be verified during each login so that deactivated or invalid codes can no longer be used.
There will be three types of users.
They are the super user (admin), organization account manager and the last is the general user.

Moodle administrator features

Moodle Admin / Super user:
The moodle administrator can add an organization.
While adding the organization the number of required licenses have to be mentioned.
A block of license will be generated randomly.
Any additional block of licenses can be added later without affecting the existing licenses.
There will be an organization details page for each organization.
In this page admin can sort the licenses by available or active or all and print it.

Moodle admin functions- contd

Admin can browse a csv file which contains a list of email, first name and last name and assign a unused license code to each user.
There will be a license management page. It will show the list of licenses and the user assigned to it.
From this page individual emails can be sent with the license code hyper-linked in it.
Mass emails can also be sent with the license code hyper-linked in it to bulk of users.
The message, subject and the from address of the email can be edited.
Admin can assign one or more account manager for each organization from the list of available users

Other features

Account Manager Features:
Once an account manager logs in there will be hyper link for license management.
They can distribute the license code on their own.
They can do all the function mentioned above except the initial capability of creating and adding license codes.

General Users:
A general user can create a account on their own.
They have to provide a valid, available license code.
Once an account is created and activated through the hyper-link email to them, they can access the course material after logging in.
They have to enter the license code each time they login.

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