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Php salon appointments script | Django flask python salon appointments script

Features of Php salon appointments management script

This project is intended as a turn key solution to the appointment scheduling and day-to-day operation of a salon or day-spa. This is basically a salon management tool which includes features for customer relationship management (CRM) and for reporting/data analysis.

  • Clients of a particular salon can login and fix a tentative appopintment for a particular day.
  • Salon owner can then view the tentative appointment and either put the appointment under wait list or can confirm it based on the availability of the personnel.
  • The appointment is closed after the client comes in for the appointment.

  • Functionalities:
    The Supervisor or the superadmin can create multiple salon owners and in doing so can fix the access permissions for the salon owner and each salon owner can control more than one location simultaneously based on the product they had purchased.
  • Like wise the salon owners can create other users and can set access permissions for them .
  • Salon owners can fix the location work schedule, add personnel fix the work schedule for the personnel, add services and can also add clients.

  • Customer RelationShip Management Features DONE :
    1. Birthday Greetings
    2. Elapsed Time Reminders
    3. Appointment Reminders
    4. Mass Emails
    5. Promotions and Specials

  • Reports:
    1. Reports were done for closed/Cancelled/Open/Waitlist appointments. The reports was shown also as a bar chart(GD was used) and can be filtered based date/personnel/service

  • The following Business Analysis Reports were done:
    • By Service
    • By Service Profitability
    • By Personnel
    • By Personnel Profitability
    • By Clients
    • By Clients Profitability
    • By Clients Frequency Pool
    • By Clients Frequency Pool Profitability.
  • While fixing Appointments,the navigation panel was made so easy by displaying the appointments in the calendar mode. For a day, All the appointments were shown on a time basis. and the appointments were also shown in the day/week/month and the year mode.
  • Search functionality for Clients/Personnel and Appointments.
  • Login History.
  • Personalized switchboard panel.
  • Client history (May be lateness/no shows or frequent cancellations)
  • Time zone

We can customize this salon script and also create a python django flask version of this salon appointment management script. We can also create a .net version or nodejs version of the above script.

Can customize existing opensource salon appointments scripts like easyappointments reservio etc.

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