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Php District school administration script

Features of Php District school administration script

Super Admin Features

District and School Maintenance :

Super admin can do district maintenance, school maintenance etc. For each district, the super admin can add more than one schools. He/She can select any school and add site admins, principals, and teachers to that school. He/She can set groups for each schools. And then assign that groups to the teachers. Super admin can add/edit/delete the subjects, academic year, grading period and lesson plans for each school.

Calendar Maintenance :

This feature is for site admins to enter holidays, half days, or any calendar event that will effect planning days. Teachers will not be allowed to enter their plans for those days which are set as holidays. For eg: When the teacher opens Jan 1., the day will have New Years Day Holiday in form field for that day so they don’t accidentally enter a day of plans…

Search Plans :

The super admin can search the plans based on the lesson plans, subject, and the academic year.

Report Generation :

For each school, the super admin can select the academic year, lesson plans, groups, and weeks to generate pdf report. After generating the report, super admin can view/download the report.


Admin has the ability to configure the website by controlling the mail messages sent to the users, No. of records displayed per page etc. He/She can also configure the error message displayed in the user panel. The super admin can also have the option to change his/her password and edit his/her profile details.

Profile Maintenance:

Super admin has the ability to manage the site admins, district admins, principals, teachers. He/She also has the options to view the panel of teachers, principals , district admins and site admins.

District Admin Features

District admins has the same features of the super admin. But he/she can manage only the schools under his/her district. District Admin can go to site admins,principal and teachers panel.

Site Admin Features

Site admin Can do all the activities of the super admin except school and district maintenance. But his/her activities are limited only to his/her school. Site Admin can go to the panel of principal and teachers.

Principal Features

The principal has the option to generate the reports based on the plans, academic year, subject,terms and weeks. The principal can also edit his/her account details.

Teacher Features

Teachers can add and print the plans by choosing the year,term,week and subject. The teacher has the permission to access the plan of other teachers in the same group. He/She also has the option to edit his/her profile details and search the plans.

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