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Python Django serverless lambda developer team. Zappa Programmer.

Django was deployed on aws lambda. Our python django developer team deployed django serverless using zappa.

Steps to deploy Django serverless on Lambda.

Our developer team created an EC2 instance in aws to be used as a development machine for deploying django on lambda.
Zappa was installed in the machine as per the instruction provided in zappa github.
Zappa was used to deploy Django and its dependencies and associated libraries to AWS Lambda.
Custom changes to Django were done by our django programmer team and updated to the lambda version.
Our team can move your present Django installation to a completely serverless architecture.
Setting up the correct roles and policies in aws for this django lambda installation, configuring the options for the zappa script, Configuring S3 buckets, migrating the present database, Ensuring version compatibility were the challenges encountered by the team while installing.
Using the zappa serverless script made the transfer to aws lambda quite painless.

Demo of this django lambda serverless installation

Do contact us Django python serverless programmer team if you need to see a demo of this Python django script runnng on aws lambda serverless.

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